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Gold Plated

If, while the man burns his arm in protest,
And holds it up for all to see,
And the tigers take over the city,
You find yourself here,
Don't come to me.

I will be sitting on a gold plated throne,
Remembering Solomon,
As the people scatter in the streets.

I could watch with a hand on my chin,
Intently or bored,
But probably both.
Intent at the time they start running,
And bored by the next few seconds.

In that city, you would be.
That's why I'd lose interest in a man on fire.
I would see tigers and wonder,
Do you see them too.

So every fear that you aren't safe comes alive,
And I strain my neck to find you,
But I won't get up.

I would much rather be the man on fire,
Who burns for something much more than himself,
Because he's not impressed by gold
Or love.

The tigers will only kill those that run.

So don't come to me
Will be what I say to the air,
From my seat,
To fool myself into thinking you'd ever imagine running here in the first place.

If we had a basin we could kill those tigers.
We could kill those tigers.
And wouldn't Solomon be happy.

by Atwood
posted on 04/12/2011

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Comment by thestutteringbandit: Apr 23, 2012 8:07 pm
Another exceedingly descriptive poem.


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