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Beats and snares on time with my heart,
Voices painting dreams and stories in my mind.
Looking down to the dust, bits of what used to be something else
down by my feet as the sounds dance in my head until they resonate down into my chest.

Feelin' that bass, lovin' that echo.
In love with the way they say "love" with pain, it's the best.

This broken hearted music is too dangerous to feel safe in,
Leaving me floating in my daze in a sea of tears I wished I had cried
but weigh me down everyday instead.

What's the use of getting the moon for someone,
When in the end they'll just say they never loved you?

I needed you more than you wanted me.
I put you first because I couldn't put myself first,
I realize that now.
All I had known was being left behind and taken advantage of,
I didn't know what it meant to actually be valued.

Yes, I got played like beautiful music when I was young,
Because how pretty was I, my heart and my eyes,
looking for reflections of innocence that matched my own.
But that's how I know they were just mirrors,
Because I noticed the cracks in the places they touched me.
I became aware of the areas they wanted to hurt me most.
I just had to watch their eyes,
Watch myself in them because that was all that was actually there.
Just what I had given because I thought I would get something back too...

Sometimes at night I dip my hands into myself,
And just admire how the pieces used to fit together.
"Hey, this is used to me."

True, I can't help but to wonder why I couldn't be someone's first choice.
Someone's only choice.

But it's ok, I have some glue to hold me together.
She wraps her little hands around me everyday.
I wonder if she feels how brittle I have become,
But I know that's not what she sees.
Even if I still see remnants of my naivety at my feet,
Bits of what it used to feel like when love seemed something even I could-...

...Even if I don't put myself first,
I hold little hands now that do deserve to be my firsts.

posted on 07/17/2021

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Tags: music, innocence, vibe, sadness
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Comment by Nick1959: Jul 20, 2021 3:54 am
I like this, how you took us on a journey...one I think many have been on. I especially love the ending. Thanks for sharing


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