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How I am Reborn

When had I abandoned rage and disdain
Forgotten promises at the beginning of a campaign
Offensive ideas bubbled out of my mind
marking the world around me like ink splattered
over a landscape painting

Apathy caused me to force myself into a mold
long ago broken, ridiculed, and left with pity
In panic I had craved to be the same
shedding everything important like snake skin

Left a crumbling statue in the middle of a beautiful park
I pretended to blend and killed everything inside
Lost in a forest I had never planned to travel
Everything went foggy and grey

The flame inside left as nothing but an ember
becomes reignited as a rage no longer contained
It erupts out ripping apart every piece of conformed skin
Sweet metamorphosis plants personality back into this husk

Forward lays a sweet disregard
as it was always meant to be
Time to let go and become swallowed
in the chaos I dreamed once and now fear

It is my wish once again

by darksideofme
posted on 04/05/2016

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