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I'm sorry but it's time to move on

I really got to vent, so Iím gonna spit this rhyme

And maybe youíll understand, hopefully in due time

We had a good run, but itís time to let go

I was hoping it would last, But I guess now we know

So I bid thee adieu, and though I hate to say it

I have to say goodbye, though this last year was the greatest

I guess what Iím saying, is that we have to find true love

But I guess that it means, my feelings I must dispose of

So thanks for the lessons, and the memories, they wonít part

Because all I want for us is happiness, so new relationships weíll start

Please donít be mad, because you know itís for the best

Because we had a lot of quarrels, and these problems were never addressed

But I really have to say it, please donít misconstrue.

So once again, I truly am sorry, and Iíll never forget youÖ

by Questionable
posted on 02/19/2011

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Comment by FavoriteTheMute: Jun 8, 2011 2:21 pm
They usually never understand....
Comment by NaturalBeauty: Feb 18, 2011 10:49 pm
it's beautiful, i love it. it tells such a sad story but with such beautiful words. it's a lovely poem. nice job.

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