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Its Tattered Roof Breaks My Heart

I wander past it everyday
And every day it hurts me more
Throwing away any progress made
It cuts me like a knife

To them its just a building
Gray tattered roof
With white banisters lining the side
Innocent and harmless to the eye

Gardens of yellows and pink surround it
The swings rock back and forth with the wind
But the memories come flooding back
And the innocence is gone

The burning starts in my chest
Dams holding my tears break
Hysterical, my body shakes
Pain absorbs my entire chest

Our lips together
The bliss of the moment
The heartbreak forever
The detachment killing

The knowledge I obtain
The happiness escapes while my back is turned
Or was it never there?
Not like it matters.

To them its just a building.
Innocent and harmless to the eye.
But they don't know the history.
They don't know why I cry.

by NaturalBeauty
posted on 06/15/2012

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