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I hate to admit that we thrive off of tragedy
Living life just waiting on another catastrophe
Picking up broken pieces from the ground
Weeping at all the memories we've found
Cloudy days tend to cloud my mind with thoughts I'd rather not tell you I think
Each one bringing me closer to the brink
One wrong turn is all it takes
To watch someone's heart shatter and break
All you want is to call someone to vent,
But you know that they will never know what it meant
And you've cried all that you can cry
your heart may be aching but your eyes are dry
You're just one of thousands of people searching for hope
Feeling like your life is on a downward slope
Standing in line, desperate to find something to believe in
You've seen so much, but can't say where you've been
Your hearts gone cold and your mind's in a daze
Yet the crowds of people are still singing their praise
You sense their trust, you've read the script,
Somewhere along the way you must have slipped
Life hasn't turned out as you planned
As you stand there you struggle to understand,
You want someone to tell you everything will be alright
Just to say "you'll make it through the night"
But for now you'll settle on exchaning glances with a friend
trying to figure out if anything is worth it in the end

by Megan95
posted on 01/17/2009

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Comment by messengerbird: Feb 5, 2009 12:25 pm
beautifully intense! keep writing!
Comment by true: Jan 27, 2009 11:22 am
great!!! I really loved it! Smiley!
Comment by ThisGirl: Jan 17, 2009 12:39 am
Wow that's actually well good (:
I loved it!!

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