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The meaning of life is something people will always search for.
But mine is to not have one at all.
I am not meant to have a heart.
I am not meant to have a mind.
I am meant to be a tortured soul of an observer.
Who is not meant to have a voice.

I cannot ask for my existence to be held,
For no one has conviction,
Strength in their decision,
Or hands that can hold tightly.
My cracks are not from the blows I've coveted,
But from the falls of unfulfilled promises.
Love is the emptiest, most fragile glass I have ever seen.

I had dreamed of a grip so tight I knew they wouldn't let me go without having to hear a confirmation.
Yet my heart feels the cold of solitude and the snow of hopes that were brought up too high only to come down again from their icy heights.

Don't make me believe in something that you won't let exist.

Don't me wish for something that reminds me that I'm the only one seeing something alone from what's supposed to be a shared point of view.

Memories are fickle.
They have a habit of working against me.
It scares me to think that I thought I heard them whisper that I'm not supposed to exist.
That I'm past my expiration date.
There are memories that no longer have me in them.
There are memories that are beautiful but hurtful to some.
But some don't try to look for meaning,
Instead, for an incomprehensible reason,
they constantly search for pain.
Don't fall in love with these persons.
They don't see love even if it's in front of them.

They only believe in mirages.

posted on 06/09/2019

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Comment by HallowReveries: Dec 31, 2020 1:49 am
I wasn't around at the time when this was wriiten, so I'm not sure if crisis still writes here. Damn good though
Comment by prettyspl: Jul 7, 2019 12:41 am
I’ve sent 2 messages .. but your mailbox is full. ☹️
Comment by taybabe1300: Jul 3, 2019 8:09 pm
I’m going through something similar I’m so aorry love
Comment by Nick1959: Jun 9, 2019 5:23 pm
I know these feeling. Pretty written

Don't fall in love with these persons.

I would change persons to either people or singular this person.


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