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My untrusting heart

I want to be able to turn to you
But it stops me
My untrusting heart
I want to confide in you
and tell you everything
But it tells me that I can't.

What if it's not
what I think it is
The less I speak
the safer I feel.

What if your not
who I think you are
I can't let love blind me
I gotta be real.

And I'll be careful
Until the day I'm sure
Though I don't know when
or how I will.

It bothers me
The human mind
How secretive
and decieving one can be

On a positive note
It could be the opposite
But I could never really know
I know only me.

Trust is putting your heart
in someones hands by choice
Because the truth is
you can never tell...

by childOFtheNIGHT
posted on 01/23/2010

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