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Of What Was

I used to envy their happiness
That seemed eternal
But now itís faded
Never to return

The joy in her eyes
Each time she sees him
Is now nothing but hurt
Thatís killing her harshly

The love in her voice
Each time she speaks of him
Is lost forever
In her eternal silence

The care in her smile
Each time she thinks of him
Is now a poison
Running in her veins

The happiness that made her
Love this imperfect world
Has shattered her dreams
And bathed her in grief

I am sad for her
Stricken by her fate

I anger now when I think
Of all those times they held hands
Of when they glowed
In each others presence
Of when they kissed
And more

Such happiness it was
Seemingly eternal
Now nothing but grief
Choking her heart

Drowning her dreams
Taking away hope
Of love and life
Of trust and clarity

by danielle
posted on 10/26/2009

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Comment by Silvertonge: Nov 3, 2009 7:22 pm
My best friend just went through something like this. She was cheated on. Amazing poem Great job!!!!

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