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When regret is eating you alive,
How are you suppose to survive?

How the hell did my life end up like this?
Perfect.. some would say,
I just wish that I felt that way,
When everyday you feel this pain,
Your whole life you’ve tried to run away,
But no matter where, who, or what, it’s still there,
Just laughing at you saying “I’m not going anywhere”.

What the hell am I supposed to do,
Before I was so confused, but now I can see,
I traded traditional things for unconventional realities.
The thing is, it never worked out anyways,
I gave it all away for nothing.

by aqua4ever
posted on 11/03/2020

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Tags: regret
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Comment by FallenAngel666: Mar 2, 2021 2:13 pm
I enjoyed reading your poem . I to feel this from time to time. very well put.

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