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The Faith in me

Don't you worry about me, just you worry about you
cause every religion say
your deeds come back at you,
I wont disappear in respect of your lies.
Won't make my pride scarce for your alabies.
Cos your game is old and I've told you before
I've got my own drama, so don't get involved.

There once was a time you could do no wrong.
Was a day when my belief in you
was strong.
But you threw me to the lions
And you left me there alone.
And now you speak to me as though
you think you are my 'home'..

So what i've got issues, those issues are mine.
I handled myself long before
you waltzed into my life.
And now you think that you can save me
When you're the man who jaded me
You take away the faith in me.
you've put out the light that you loved in me.

by golddustgirl
posted on 03/20/2010

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