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The Final Words

Staring at the blank sheet of paper,
willing words to come to mind
strong enough to describe
the whirlwind in my heart.

I've put up with you
for far too long,
letting you break my heart
ever so slowely
like chewing broken glass.

One night.
Not a mistake,
an excuse to end
what was already over.

So here I am,
shouting my words at a crowd of stuffed animals.
Dancing to music that nobody can hear.
Reaching for images only I can see.
Crying for a love that ran away.
Trying desperately to keep the sanity that never was.

I laugh that you couldn't understand.
That you were too busy wallowing
in your own ****ed-up self-pity
to realize
what the real story was.

I'll forgive you
for the mistakes you've made.k
The hurt you didn't care enough to mend.
You turn it back around,
blame it on me.
Saying I caused my own pain.

I'll forget
the empty pain.
Move past your pointless game,
and continue putting roses
on the grave of our dead memories.
Saying goodbye to the soldier
who's at war with himsef.

Listening to him howl
his lonely love songs
only I can understand.

by sunshinegirl
posted on 02/07/2011

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Comments: 3

Comment by Apollyon: Feb 21, 2011 7:21 am
as a soldier myself "saying goodbye to the soldier whos at war with himself" i can really relate to this and i think its very masterfully written, very nice job
Comment by Maks: Feb 14, 2011 7:47 am
I love this as well. Amazing job!
Comment by FadingAway: Feb 7, 2011 10:02 pm
I love this so much.

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