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The Truth

The Truth
November 2, 2009
Who do you love?
That one question holds so much meaning; so much power.
That question, and the answer that should follow, could change everything.
The words are just waiting to come forth: It is you that I love.
But like always, I lock my lips tight and hold myself back.
You don‘t know.
You can never know how I really feel about you.
If ever I let those three small words slip out of my mouth, our friendship would be forever changed.
Why should I tell you this if you do not return my love?
You have her.
That other girl.
So, once again, I hide what I feel inside.
I hide behind the lies that I tell you.
Despite your persistence, I can‘t tell you who I love.
It is my one secret.
I can only show you the truth through the poems that I write.
Read each of them closely, and find the hidden meaning between the lines.
And next time you ask a question, think about whether you really want to know the truth.

by TiffanyLoganAlexander
posted on 09/07/2018

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