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Things That I Remember

There was a point in time
That you were the best I knew.
I still remember
Everything we used to do.

The key in the tree
The nights in my room
Our first house together
Reunions couldn't come too soon

I still remember
Our first kiss,
The day your first was born
Moments of pure bliss.

I remember the arguments
Every moment of pain
And if I got to choose
I'd do it all the same.

You were a gift and a fantasy
A life I prayed for everyday
But I guess I didn't have
What it takes to make you stay.

I'm much better these days
I don't cry anymore.
One thing I've learned
Is life has much more in store

Still sometimes I get wishing
That you were here for this
I need my best friend
To get me through all of this.

We are both to blame
For how out of hand this got
We were supposed to be forever
But now we know that we are not.

If you ever see this
Please know in your heart
I had good intentions
Even from the start

You're still my favorite human
And I miss you everyday.
The things that I remember
Will never go away

by youdontknow23
posted on 11/16/2020

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Tags: moving on, hurt, best friend, break up
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Comment by KuroUsagi: Mar 26, 2022 7:03 am
You that song killing me softly. It's like you wrote my life's story.

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