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Thoughts at 2 am

I write poems so that I can stay sane,
So I can put these emotions down on a page,
Put them somewhere out of my head,
Better hidden then left unsaid.

If I didn't they'd never leave me alone,
If I didn't maybe they'd be... true,
Who knows with everything I do?
I don't have a second to know.
Everythings just pee on the floor & tantrums on end,
I don't get a second to just pretend.

I don't have anyone to talk to,
So I guess I'll just talk to me,
Is that crazy? Maybe..
I think I'd be crazy if I did nothing.
If I kept it all in and never did say,
I don't think that I can just live that way.

The pain.. it keeps me up at night,
I keep thinking someday I’m going to feel alright,
But I’ll never forget, I couldn’t,
& if I had a choice, I still wouldn’t,
It keeps me going knowing somewhere out there,
someone is going through the same thing as me,
Losing part of me would be erasing the memories.

So no matter how much it hurts, I’m going to feel it,
Mistakes make us human, and regret makes us realize it.

by aqua4ever
posted on 11/02/2020

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Tags: broken heart, regret, choices
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