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Time Heals Some Wounds

People always say it,
That time heals all wounds,
I hate to say it,
But that's just not true.

Because this hurts the same yesterday,
Like it did 5 years ago,
& It hurts today as much as I've ever known.

Out of sight, out of mind,
That's what they always say,
You can try, move states away,
But it will still be here to stay.

You can go here or there,
But it won't go anywhere.
Go ahead, get it out of your sight,
It's still on your mind before you fall asleep at night.

So be careful, don't you know?
Big mistakes... & pain is just the sign,
Sometimes it doesn't heal with time,
Be careful though because sometimes it lasts a lifetime.

by aqua4ever
posted on 11/02/2020

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Tags: misery, alone, heart broken, sad
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Comment by youdontknow23: Nov 16, 2020 7:15 am
"Sometimes it lasts a lifetime" I feel that now more than ever. Excellent poem.

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