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Strange how the truth can
Elude you, hiding in the
Shadowed recesses of your
Mind, waiting for opportunity
To reveal itself.........

I have come to recognize the
Truth, in this last year...
A year since you uttered those
Words with pain etched upon your
Face.... `I don't Care`.......

To be honest, I was confused
by what you revealed to me
I wanted to forget you.....
But my heart goes on and on

As broken as it is... Through
All the pain and wanting...
All the misunderstanding...yet
I know, the truth as it stands

More plain than the full moon
In the long, deep night....
Laying silent and still....
Just as my heart lays here

Lonely and silent each night

I do not know what my future
Holds. Beyond this eternal
Pain that plagues me each
Night and on into each day

I do know and understand
The pain and uncertainty
You feel... How you have
suffered. How hard it is
For you to trust......

Even the love you feel

I do know I love you...
Regardless of the month,
Or day or hour......
And I shall love you till

My last breath and beyond

That is the truth.....
A truth that lays like a
Black shroud upon my
Heart a truth, that

Pierces my soul eternally

It matters not if we ever
Reconcile our love....
You with your broken soul
Me with my broken heart

My love is unconditional
Not requiring perfection
Yet desiring... You and
Some semblance of harmony

Which events may eclipse
For Eternity!

by Nick1959
posted on 02/11/2019

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Tags: truth, confusion, blackness
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Comment by prettyspl: Feb 19, 2019 11:25 pm
Wow .. I could almost feel the pain piercing your heart. Very real and raw! Wonderful write Nick!
Comment by ITSaCRISIS: Feb 11, 2019 8:55 am

I felt this a little too well if I may so but I loved it. Good work.

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