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Too much
I have hurt you
I see that now
But I will make it better
You show me how

I see deadly cracks
Creeping on my skin
I feel them
That they will win

Bit by bit
I am torn apart
From my legs
To my brain
And now
My heart

Why is this happening?
Where did this evil come from?
I can feel myself
But more hurt
Is yet to come

I have hurt you too much
Only now I see
But please
I beg you
Donít leave me

In this hole I lay alone
With nothing
But the pain
Devouring me completely
I will never
Be whole again

It is almost done
The cracking
And the breaking
It has made me numb
And has made life
Not worth living

But you are my salvation
Tell me weíre okay
There is no time
For contemplation
I am almost dead

I have hurt you too much
We both know
Itís true
But the hole Iíve gouged
In your heart
Hurts me more than you

I am only dust now
Unable to hurt or feel
The pain that I have caused you
Has made me

by danielle
posted on 10/24/2009

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Comment by demonmagic: Jul 6, 2013 2:19 pm
The last word really hit me and I hope that was your plan. This is just so accurate and painful and the rhyme scheme works really well. Here have my votes
Comment by lovehertruly: Oct 26, 2009 8:53 pm
wow... i cant tell u how much i can relate 2 this... very nicely written...

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