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spiraling time, days cascading
lost in thoughts,I'm not escaping
things I needed thrown and wasted,
for what I wanted blinded by objects.

past love holding me back,
grabs my neck and steals my breath
to fall now is a future regret,
the same mistake different endings.

I close my eyes its the right choice
rather you be happy then happiness wasted,
rather you move forward then stay grounded
now I have to stop it before it started.

now its only my time wasted
my love broken, and my life faded
things Ill keep till I cant breath
because after it all ends I wasted it all.

by arcaneclark
posted on 09/03/2019

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Tags: hurt, lost, wasted time
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Comment by Nick1959: Oct 14, 2019 8:43 am
I feel like this sometimes, good write


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