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Whispers(I hear you)

Your pathetic words fall upon deaf ears,
as they all watch you fall from grace.
Even though your distant cries I can hear,
I can only watch as you make the same mistakes.
My beautiful angel's wings are on fire,
strung up high by hell's own noose.
It totures me to watch you suffer,
but I no longer have the will to save you.
Smoke smolders your brand new halo,
tarnishing the pitiful thing to black.
The same color as that heart in your chest,
that had chosen to bury it's knife in my back.
The shallow waters drown the hero,
as your tears brush down your painted face.
I could give into demonic temptations,
but losing myself would be a waste.
Once again as our lips collide,
I think of how I loved you then,
yet the truth has pulled the trigger,
leaving the bullet to sink in again.
Just one more time you softly speak my name,
and the sound of your voice is so addicting,
you st heavens fields ablaze,
when I admited I would not be forgiving.
The devil on my shoulder screams,
that you have surely lost your way.
My little angel in flames cries out,
withering slowly within the pain.
Blood runs a river thicker then water.
Denial lends betrayl to your kind.
A slightest touch burns through the core,
reminding of a loss so devine.
Your roses thorn breaks the skin,
creating yet another freshened wound.
I've heard so many cries from all around me,
but the loudest one of all is you.
Reality sinks her venom in,
and the sun sets under a blackened sky.
I can no longer hold onto such a sinner.
You were created from only a lie.
Scream as long as you desire,
but I too am turning a deaf ear.
You softly whisper the words "I'm sorry".
But those words are no longer mine to hear.

by Babigurlbroken
posted on 04/16/2010

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Comment by ajblackheart27: Apr 25, 2010 12:26 pm
OMG! This is ****ing amazing. The way your worded it, the way it was put together, so deep, so powerful, so ****ing heartbreaking. You r a great writer. Simply divine.
Comment by Shortiepie: Apr 15, 2010 11:21 pm
Very good keep it up
Comment by arcaneclark: Apr 15, 2010 7:24 pm
that is a great poem keep it up =)
Comment by kiraralee77: Apr 15, 2010 5:37 pm
wow!!!. amazing again.
Comment by SadGirl54: Apr 15, 2010 5:33 pm
Wow Thats Really Good An iAm Sorry You Feel That Why But Just to Let You KNow YOu Arent Alone Because i Feel The Same Way

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