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You shattered my heart into never ending

You made my eyes cry in pain of never
Ending sorrows.

You made me feel unwanted by you.

And you took my heart from me.

When all I wanted was you to show me never ending

And all I was trying to do was to put a smile
On your face.

I let go of all of my hopes and dreams just
So I could be with you.

I change who I am so you will stay.

But you tore me down like I didnât matter
To you.

You just stood there and watched me fall into
My own sorrows.

You pushed me around like I was just
A rag doll to you.

And you made feel like I was nothing
But a maid to you.

When all I want was to feel like you
Love me until the end.

And all I was trying to do was to make you
Happy thinking it will make you stay.

You ignored me like I always did something

You never did anything to make me smile
Until the sun goes down.

You made me felt like you never loved

And you took my heart just so
You could stump on it over and over again.

When all I wanted was for you to show me off
To everyone.

And all I was trying to do was to show much I
Truly loved you.

Margaret Rose McDonald

by EvalyRose
posted on 07/19/2013

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Comment by TiffantAnnLoganAdams: Jul 26, 2013 6:55 am
Really good poem. I can so relate to it
Comment by FavoriteTheMute: Jul 26, 2013 1:18 am
You isn't worth all the ****in love. But maybe worth a good ****.

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