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Young & Dumb

We’re just young,
We’re just dumb,
Living life just to have fun.

We don’t know...

One mistake will change our whole life,
It was just one bad night,
When I wasn’t feeling alright.
I traded some fun,
For pain that will last a lifetime.

We’re burning bridges,
Thinking we can just re-mend them.
Making these memories,
Thinking we can forget them.

But you lost love for me,
I begged you but it just wasn’t the same,
I rolled the dice,
Stepped in the street and got hit.
There’s so much I missed,
I had so much to risk.

I’ve convinced myself that you didn’t stop me,
Because you didn’t believe me,
& not because you didn’t care.

But now I know the truth behind it all,
It was in my mind,
It wasn't true at all.

by aqua4ever
posted on 11/02/2020

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Tags: young, lonely, love lost, heart break, sadness
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