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Darkness surrounds many of us, especially teens. Adolescent years are the hardest of all in transition to adulthood. Writing poetry helps relieve pain and live another day... These are the most recent dark poetry.

Death of a Heart by prettyspl
Dead and alive but not a Zombie :)
Forsaken Chapter by HallowReveries
She Whom Walks Under Dead Skies by deadiam
Been awhile, enjoy
Waking Trap by FallenAngel666
how i feel on going trapped .
Further Musings of a Bitter Man by deadiam
Such lonely memories
The love I want is greedy by Crowillow
A poem about depression, suicide, and the aftermath of leaving their lover behind
Kreepy Cirkus Shadow by urabaka
snee tragedy
Kreepy Xirtz by urabaka
you're scaring me!
He Whom Makes the Twilight Weep by deadiam
Been awhile...posted on another site as well
Are We There Yet? by prettyspl
Sometimes waiting is the hell we fear
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