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Darkness surrounds many of us, especially teens. Adolescent years are the hardest of all in transition to adulthood. Writing poetry helps relieve pain and live another day... These are the most recent dark poetry.

Mr. Chop Chop Lazarus by madz13379
What goes on inside the mind of a killer
Waking Trap by FallenAngel666
I was feeling low
don't worry about me by smokesignals
feels good to write poetry
I Need You by solonely
Just some feelings.
Bones Don’t Cry by prettyspl
No one knows what awaits
Musings of a Bitter Man by deadiam
Pieces of me scattered here and there
Dreams by Nick1959
These are the three main dreams I have had during my life, they have to mean something
Sunsetter by deadiam
Been awhile..been posting on other site. Anyways enjoy
i wrote erotic fanfiction about killing you by Aspire2
cw; violent imagery, sexual imagery
something about prayer, or blowjobs, or wishing i were anywhere safer than right now by Aspire2
probably the darkest thing ive posted here. (yeah, ik, i've been gone or 5 years, sue me)
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