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Round and Round by Punk0Desiree
a night of destruction
The World's Treachery by ITSaCRISIS
Be careful, because the world is always gonna hurt you.
The Place Where I Weep by deadiam
Not to sure about the rhyming
Head Trauma by champ
Of Fallen Stars and Acrid Scars by deadiam
Havent writ in awhile...enjoy...just alittle something
"Write About Me, I'm Dying of Boredom" by blackfallenrose07
(at least you're still alive in my words)
Event Horizon by prettyspl
Ever wondered what thoughts you may have on your final days?
The Funeral of Marriage by blackfallenrose07
Written in the point of view of someone against marriage
Multiverse death, my soulmate met by Magikarpnuke
As the multiverse dies, within its death, it gave me my soulmate
Broken Property by prettyspl
When love is a sickness