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Sasquatch: Our Lost Brother by deadiam
Thought I would write about something new, a farcry from my usual works. Enjoy
Forlorn Shores by deadiam
Been awhile so enjoy
Feminism by FavoriteTheMute
Thank you for reading. There are some fellow poets that keep up with my work and I thank you most of all. You know who you are.
A Dream of Shadow by deadiam
This world is dying...
Where Cruelty Blooms by deadiam
I had to rewrite from memory as I had lost the scrap of paper I had written on...anyways enjoy
Brief by LucidMuse
Forbidden Goodbyes by prettyspl
A little morbid I know but ...
The Preacher's Pet by FavoriteTheMute
Thank you for reading. Thank you for your comments.
The Quiet Damnation by deadiam
Let me know what you think. Been doing a lot of thinking lately
Personal Dissent by darksideofme
A new freewrite I did for my random revisiting of this site.