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Death of a Heart

Forsaken in the belly of earth, life’s light has left
my eyes vacant. Only decay and madness fill my
days with an aching raw sadness

I mindlessly watch the darkness, seeking
familiar truths, but I sense that everything
has faded and so begins a new birth

My body, a reflection of time, my life etched
upon my broken skin, oozing colored inks of
dreams and make believe

I rest silently beneath an ageless snarled
shady tree, remembering the sweet taste of
what was a synergy of ego and dislusions

The leaves fall steadily this time of year,
covering my old life with tears and debris,
regrets stretching into infinity

My bones are cold and brittle, they break when
I sigh. How long has it been my old friend? As you
smirk and turn your back on me

I lay facing the sun; with the moon and stars above,
your last promise in the end. But you kept your word;
for there are things we cannot outrun

As the days and nights become one .. I become one
with the dirt .. we settle into each other’s arms, like
lovers that never part

It hurts knowing that the answers I sought, are
exactly what I found. And now I ache with the
memories still alive and growing in my heart

Time went by so quickly, before the memory was
fully cast; never thinking I’d be the last, refusing
to see what was in front of me

And now I lay here as still as death, listening to my
bleeding heart and crying tears of dirt, uncertain of
a new birth for all eternity.

by prettyspl
posted on 09/06/2021

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Tags: death, regrets, life, love
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Comment by Nick1959: Sep 12, 2021 5:35 am
Life can be hard, so much heart ache and pain...it is bearable, but then age adds to the torment. All may seem lost but the future is veiled.

Wonderfully worded all to express the suffering and sadness that is so often life

I hope you find hope my friend, good to see you again. You describe pain and suffering so well as one who has experienced life should.

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