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A Wrong Turn on Eldridge

used to sell hope, three
stories down battering
rams and NOPE, nope
back up, cover up little bro
rat-a-tat-tat and
a shuttered up calico crack
head, legs spread splashing
brandy bread cereal, the
screams don't phase you
when the blue men are
sent to haze you, raze, taze
and erase you, ****
your hope dreams, mealy
mouth mutha****er unsettles
the welfare scheme, unseen
bloated belly black crime
scene, brace the price
hike with a slumlord ladder,
****roach munch on the Mississippi
antimatter, INTIFADA,
handcuffs and plastic
imprint rings on your wrists

by stitch she'd defile
the hood flow, **** by **** re-style
a status quo,
what's the
status bro, Five-O took
the kilo, now there's a
druggie fit and ass sweat
on the coco, credit card
cuts face masks and lay low,
take a **** with a gat, till
you hear, "NO MO' PO-PO!"

Now you're awake...
Now you're awake...

slake the heroin thirst with
burst amphetamine, sticky
tricky hook shots rattle
battlebot nook rocks,
break the veteran first with
cursed adrenaline, gritty
risky crook stocks crackle
battlebot shook socks,

Now you're dreaming...

welcome to my world, homeboy...

by FavoriteTheMute
posted on 07/29/2016

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Tags: anti-violence
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