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From faritale to fear

Silent smiles within her heart
This love is a dramatic art
With tears and fears
Chased away
Making room for this other half:
His heart is ready to be shared with her
Undying trust
Increasing lust

Safety and shelter
Sugar and spice
They all ohh and aww,
Saying "Oh, ain't that nice?"

Time goes by
Smiles to screams
This other heart that has her now
He won't let go
He's deadly you know,
Like the midnight raven
Not leaving the nest
Not letting her go
Her luck shows today,
One beating at best

Locked in the room
Let out just for show
Showing how happy they are together
Family won't ever know
She's lost in darkness
No light meets her eyes
Those tears and fears
They're here to stay

Her icy blue eyes close
She's pretending it's fine
Not saying what is truly on her mind
The marks he leaves her go unseen
Hidden with ice, time and lies
No one knows how her lover glows
Every time she takes a blow

Stifled screams
How could this be?
From fairytale to wicked fears
From the outside world her life is grand
Loving lover
Beautiful baby
A baby whom she gave birth to
Due to his fathers force

Tommy's eyes are scarred with visions
Scenes of his mother her screams unvoiced
But her pains clearly seen
His father's great rage
How he hits till she cries

Her baby boy
Terror in his eyes
Seeing her beaten
Bruised and battered

She's leaving now
He hits her harder
Yelling for her son to run
"Get away from this hellish life"
She knows how this will end
It's why she's never left before

"You leave this house, your blood will spill"
The raven's words ring through her ears
Her baby must get away
He must live safely
Anywhere but here
Determination for his life to be lived
Far from violence torture and fear…
The only way…A promise for a finer life…A promise to a certain death

Opens the door
A shot rings out
She falls to the floor
Tommy runs even more

His mother's undying love
It was for him
She's gone now
He's lost now
No home
'Sept with his killing father

Tears steam his face
Memories flood
Her last words
"I love you"
Flow through his blood

by soullesskiss
posted on 12/03/2007

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Comment by romantichomicide: Dec 3, 2007 3:24 pm
this.. is wow. pictures flash before my eyes as i'm reading. Familar images reminnd me of a dark night. Late that night.My mothers bloody face screamed. Sneaking out the back gate, on the way to grandmothers house we go.by the way i love this verse. This love is a dramatic art,

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