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Black reapers with the sound of steel on stones

Behind the doors of death
Lingering in the moment of your last breath
Among the shadows is where he will wait
Cutting the string with the hand of fate

Knights of an order in a world of old
Reaping the soul after the body grows cold
Earthly ties severed by Death's silver blade
All those who live know the rules of death must be obeyed

Plagued, is humanity, lost to its own corruption
Embarking on a journey to their own destruction
Restoring the balance between heaven and hell
Separating the soul from its depraved shell

With Every life drawing closer to its own damnation
In the eyes of an Angel of Death, it's the only salvation
The ghostly terrors that stalk the night
Have no mercy on those who openly sin in the light

Tainted blood is spilled in the name of rebirth
Heavenly fire remains high above the earth
Eternities pass but death's balance must remain
Sanctifying the world from each diseased mundane
Observations are made that the time of man has come and gone
Utopias of young and old have risen but always move on
Never living as a society not controlled by selfishness and greed
Destroying itself from within, maintaining the Reapers need

Obtaining order and seeing to the gift of mortality
Ferry Men exist as the right hand of legality
Simultaneously acting a judge, jury, and executioner
The captain, crew, and excommunicator

Eclipsing the life that was never truly lived
Empty and forgotten are the spirits where truly evil is derived
Lost on a journey that all dead must take
Objected to the sights and sounds coming from the ectoplasmic lake

Narrower the river styx grows
Sounds of the damned reach out from the water's sick glow
Treacherous is the trek the Ferry follows
Onlookers watch the boat pass with their empty hollows
Nursing their blades against the rocky shore
Exiled to an existence fighting a life and death war

by KAS
posted on 05/09/2013

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Tags: new, ole, enigmatic, reapers, rhyming, acrostic
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Comment by prettyspl: May 9, 2013 10:29 pm
Captivating to read .. really a great write! The sad thing is that there's so much truth in your words. Vote
Comment by FavoriteTheMute: May 8, 2013 9:57 pm
Extremely imaginative.

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