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Damning the Soul

In a place where mystics rise and storms collide
The dawning of a blasphemers dream
Through malcontent and dissidence corruption to split the seams

Of a wider world, a shadowed world where all light does concede in ruin
The pyres of deceit ignite those martyred few
Endless woe does harvest forth when the acrid stench of souls ascend

Mute with decadent betrayal I lust for thunderous agitation
To revel in the sweetest tides of oblivion
I exhaust the melancholy of this place and drink the wine of my demise

For altered minds

An awakening of self arises to eclipse the evermore of dying sins
An embrace of fervent lips to cusp damnations wiles

Evanescent of the folly of woe
The whickered soul to wed with flame
The flailing of my tattered mind
Restless with fugue intentions

Absolution lingers amongst the refuse of the fall
Better suited to encumber those wretched things that haunt my bones

Forever shawled in mystery
The bitter fool afoot in rue

A cacophonous riot of stars unravel
Destiny ablaze with tapestry
The artful hand guides chaotic strokes

Awash in my devastation
I hack and scar the tree of life
For in its death shines my salvation

by deadiam
posted on 07/03/2017

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Tags: self loathing
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Comment by Psychobabbled: Jul 11, 2017 5:35 am
This is an absolute incredible piece of poetry, the wording in this is incredible as I too am speechless. you got my vote
Comment by prettyspl: Jul 3, 2017 5:55 pm
I'm speechless! I'd like to see everyone on this site read this poem for it is a splendid piece if art! I love everything about it, the wording, the flow, the darkness that feels organic throughout the piece. Vote

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