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Don't Push Me Because I'm Close To The Edge

My hand shakes as it attempts to hold the phone
I look and see everyone around me but I still feel alone
After every ring my heart skips a beat
Bringing back memories of recent calls, each bittersweet
It rings five times, I know you're awake even though its late
You like to test me and make me wait
"How far through the plan did you get?"
"I have it all planned out, everything is set"
"Have you thought about what the note would say?"
"Yes: I'm sorry you had to find me this way"
"You don't have to do this, I still care."
"You say that yet you're never there"
You scream out angrily, random excuses fill the phone
I don't believe any of them, the deed is set in stone
I approach toward the mirror, staring at the thing I hate
Accepting, planning, and executing my fate
I'm finally gone, and when you come to my home tears falling with each knock
You'll find a silence that will only mock
Once you get inside, words on your tongue ready to play
You'll only be met with a note that will say: I'm sorry you had to find me this way

by NaturalBeauty
posted on 07/11/2012

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Comment by BloodyWrists: Jul 15, 2012 8:44 am
Your poem is very great, but I'm not going to focus on that just yet. I havent talked to you in years, and I don't know if I had this account or the previous, so you may not know or remember me, but, as I knew you before, you were not in this dark place. What happened to that person who was so very different from this? I must say that (even though I may be hypocritical) you can fight and stay strong. conquer this darkness, and hold your head high.
So, on the note of your poem, I love the darkness of it, to me it is a wonderful poem. Great write..

Stay strong, and if you need to talk to someone, i am available.
Comment by TenThousandPieces: Jul 12, 2012 3:10 am
Despite the grim nature of this piece the story will ring true to any one inside of a dark place. However I offer you a second chance. I love you for who and what you are.
And the smile that can only be found on your face is my reason for living. So live on Natural Beauty Because, There are so many people you have yet to meet.

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