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Are We There Yet?

These end of days are as long as the
endless nights, the darkness undulates
in rhythm with the dimming lights

Loneliness; a place of silent being,
forever watching just to be seen,
reaching out to swallow me
and spit me out into eternity

Familiar ghosts follow just to watch
me bleed, and remind me that nothing
is worth the stories told

They shiver from old skins that linger
in the cold and whisper that an afterlife
is never guaranteed

And God was the last name they
screamed, existence be all the same

We learn to watch, count sheep, love
and hate, we frequently
panic to hear our own heart beat

Trying to outlast the skin we’re in,
as we lie through our teeth from
beginning to end

Filled with endless love and
endless hate; we wait out the
painful long days and even
longer lonely nights ...

...and wonder; is this our fate?

by prettyspl
posted on 07/16/2020

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Tags: waiting
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Comment by deadiam: Sep 14, 2020 1:35 pm
Very nice...i too abhore the wait...

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