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Forsaken Chapter

Twisting uneven hallway, black wax dripping
through holes in long corroded sconces
their symptoms of neglect in rusted stains
running in aches down a dampened wall
a consequence of stagnant water gathering
rotting the wood that forms a semblance
ahem, a piteous semblance of a roof

there's an insistent idea of being observed
by what cannot be rationalized, logic recedes
in flashes of handprints with their palmy eyes
burnt into the swelling, mildewed baseboards
gripping for the throat with a sodden gaze
to crawl in and freeze the blood in the lungs
as if they were insufflated by the cold of space

desolate pangs flare like in an emptying chest
shortly after the loneliness of its first love lost
only then to be gained and lost again and again
blurring senses with the most squalid intentions
contending a point that light has crumbled away
building a forlorn interior to an ever cooling shell
asphyxiating a will to step out to the cruel open
kept company by indistinct echoes residing inside

it begs the question before the flame turns to ash;
who in the hell laid the frames in this dreadful place?

by HallowReveries
posted on 05/05/2021

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Comment by HallowReveries: Jul 19, 2021 4:52 am
Aye - too much, indeed.

This was very much about an intangible thing in a house or building - or chapter - that you could think of as haunted.

So - I intended it to feel kind of off - as if one was overloaded with visions or feelings - but nothing feeling particularly connected in any reasonable way (logic recedes)

On a sidenote, good to read you again, Crisis.
Comment by ITSaCRISIS: Jul 17, 2021 8:47 am
Loved the imagery but felt like there's was too much of it? When I was done I felt like I didn't get a whole picture because I kept getting described stuff like being shown parts of a picture at a time, I had reread quite a bit.

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