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Further Musings of a Bitter Man

She had a lovely smile
Though one tooth was snaggled to the side
An aura of disorder
She was beauty incarnate
Her imperfections made it so

Her voice made me tremble
As she would whimper in my ear
Her sweet hole would take me in
And I would shiver too

Pulsating with the chaos of two lost souls entwined
She would **** me
Take hold of my **** and squeeze it and stroke it within her depths

I would beg for it, and tremble like a schmuck
She would tease me with her wares and gulp me down to her satisfaction
A whores touch is absolute it seems

Frothing at the lips she lets my cum drip out the sides
Makeup askew with shame
And a safe sticking to my back
Where the hell did that thing come from?

Booze soaked kisses
Broken souls lost to the wind
Like three sheets we set loose
Good and numb when we cummed

Her skin, pale and frail
The way I like it
A pretty contrast she whispered
My dark hands upon white skin

She left me for the city
Vodka soaked me through the winter
Blow and speed and a ****ed up liver
All alone and still I shiver

by deadiam
posted on 02/14/2021

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Tags: sad, regret
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Comment by prettyspl: Apr 6, 2022 11:42 pm
Something different huh .. I’m still taking in all the images and sorting through the fifth of this man’s life. LOL

Comment by FallenAngel666: Mar 3, 2021 1:09 am
very well written . it was amazing hypnotized of each word . keep it up .

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