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Her Screams

I lay down,
I close my eyes,
And again, it starts.

Her screams.

I can hear it
Over and over,
Desperately begging.

Her screams.

Those screams that exist
Only in my mind,
That constant reminder.

Her screams.

Louder and louder
Replaying in my head,
It's unending torture.

Her screams.

The screams of a beautiful girl
Begging for the pain to stop.
Screaming to be saved.

Her screams.

They haunt me,
They rip apart my soul.
They mean I made the wrong choice.

Her screams.

Only I can hear them,
Those screams from a year ago.
That day I took her life away.

Her screams.

I scream now,
Begging for forgiveness.
I only did what I thought was right.

My screams.

I am sorry baby girl.
Can you forgive your mother?
I will always love you...

by xmyxlastxbreathx
posted on 08/20/2012

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Comment by prettyspl: Sep 17, 2012 12:49 am
Heartbreaking, I feel your pain and emotion. Talk about it; hopefully it will help U deal with it. Good luck; I truly mean that.

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