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Mr. Chop Chop Lazarus

I finally found you Mr. Lazarus
You've been wandering in the shadows for quite sometime
I am private detective Matthew Scot
I know how frustrating for a man like you to be outsmarted
It might be the end of a bloody game that you started
Your mischiefs have brought misery and sadness
Lives tortured and driven to the brink of madness
You chop and chop through your victims so heartless
I could have ended your game a while ago if I wanted
But there are questions within me that need to be answered
How are you that devoted toward your crimes?
How are you that faithful as if being divine?
Tens of slaughters are never enough
You chop with passion as if in love
Mr. Lazarus, do you kill for love? I really want to know
Tell me how does that passion grow?
No tears, screams or pleads could ever get through to you
You who peeled skin of infants, women and men
You kept them awake while enjoying your heaven
Slowly slicing them up, I can hear you chop chop chop
Tell me Mr. Lazarus, was your fowled divinity to a stop?
Tell me, Tell Me, TELL ME, I want to feel your lust
I beg of you, I can't resist, I must !
Is it that shiny instrument at the end of the table
Oh, it feels so good, please chop me a fable
One finger chop, two fingers chop
One falls down and the other flies up
River of blood, river of blood
So warm with ecstasy as you flood
I know how it feels, I love how it feels
My appetite is ever hungry for more and more meals
I will be leaving along with my chopping divine
Tidy my clothes in front of the mirror
Just to make sure everything looks fine
When I gazed upon my self the truth came clearer
A hearty smile drew nearer as I can now clearly see
Mr. Chop Chop Lazarus smiling hearty back at me

by madz13379
posted on 03/18/2020

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Tags: madness, torture, demonic, killing, loneliness, sad, evil, crime, painful, lust, sin, sinful, desire, insane, murder, violence, knife, detective, blood, bloody
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Comment by prettyspl: Jul 31, 2020 4:21 am
Wow! That was sure vivid! Great imagination ... there’s never a shortage of pain and gore to work with! Good job!

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