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Musings of a Bitter Man

I chase the vodka with some water
For my demons chase me farther
Sometimes the stupor makes it harder
Other times
Not so much


I grab her by the tits
She holds me by the balls
Her touch too cold
A Queen of Ice
Behold her in her glory
Breaker of men
Still I cum
And she smiles


I walk a fine line between two souls
She let me go long ago
Funny when I look back on darker times
I always tend to smile
Acrid kisses on bitter foreheads
Recalling further madness
I break into hysterics
I walk a fine line
Here and there
And everywhere


I dressed the sunset
For dark serenades echoed my heartache
My belly shook with the lust for more
Intoxication a bitter sweet gift
Like her kisses that scarred my liver
Scarred me over with cruel intentions
And hopeless nights between her thighs


I never faulted her
Though that scarlet letter well deserved
The stirrings of her labido a sordid gift of past trauma
She always came back though
I don't know why
To watch me cry I figure
The many hands that scraped her over
Only mine could calm her woe
We were in love
I reckon
Well, what we construed love was anyways
We embraced in our ruin
And the filth of it all still excites me so...


I watch the leaves die
Dry and brittle
Dancing on the cracked pavement
In tandem with my own chaos
Hollow in the sunshine, I dredge on
Truly broken
Withered with thirst I quench with gin
A hangovers the cure a drunkard fears
The blossoming bottles to sooth me over
Withered I dance in the wind
No dryer for summer, no worse for wear
Free falling into my own suicide

by deadiam
posted on 05/09/2019

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Tags: memoirs, self reflection
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Comment by prettyspl: Aug 15, 2019 4:33 am
Amazing story .. amazing words and dare I (too) say; amazing ride through words dripping with life, regrets and happiness, although it be maddening. I really love this Dead! You haven’t lost your touch to pull the reader in and hit them over the head and make them notice what your writing! Smiley Vote
Comment by Nick1959: May 11, 2019 2:59 am
I dressed the sunset
For dark serenades echoed my heartache

That was a wonderfully wrtten line it stood out for me.

I agree with Crisis it was a ride. It riminds me of a past lover who was always in and out of my life for years.

Really enjoyed reading this

Comment by ITSaCRISIS: May 10, 2019 4:07 am
Well that took me for a ride. Great wording though. I saw this in my head like a messed up short film.

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