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My worst nightmare comes to life
My familyís gone, all is a lie
Torture of the greatest degree
Slowly drives me from sanity

I donít need to live
In these shambles of disgust
I donít need to watch
As everything fades into dust

Nothing left, all is gone
Left alone with the breaking sun
Bit by bit, torn apart
I no longer care, my beating heart

Thrown into a whirlwind
Of ghastly dreams in sleep
I cannot escape it
These visions make me weep

Death and decay abound
Destruction is a lovely song
Infiltrating the minds around
Disease doesnít make a sound

Silent shouts go unheard
Breaking bones shatter
Mentality is such a fragile thing
This insanity leaves us battered

Blackened bruises coat my skin
Tears of shame flow from my eyes
Fear will not over take my mind
Iím stronger than that, so I thought

Perhaps Iím not, perhaps Iíll break
Slide into that gaping hole opening beneath me
Senses leave me, caring disappears
This is it; Iím done with this life,
Nothing left to keep me here

by rayne482
posted on 02/24/2011

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Comment by Maks: Feb 25, 2011 5:19 am
I agree. I enjoyed it quite a lot! Good write
Comment by Jenna21Bunnies: Feb 24, 2011 5:48 pm
This is a really nice dark write=)

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