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Nobody Will Save You

You look into the souls of strangers
in search for compassion, understanding
a solemn death to solitude
but you find
indifference, obliviousness
and your existence points its finger
and laughs.

You want to kill that part of yourself
that hyper awareness shouting
We are all alone
We are all clumps of mud
and we are inferior to the
hands of the world
but men are weak
so we do not say this out loud;
instead we look at our watch
and try to make it in time for dinner.

We complain about the sky's tears
and distract ourselves with idle activities;
We tell ourselves
"This makes me happy"
"I have a reason to live"

We ignore our superfluous existence
and drown in the sea of futile.
They say the most busy are the most happiest
(the lucky ones have more distractions)

Despite knowing this,
you still look into the souls of strangers
and raise your head towards the stars
searching for signs, symbols
to indicate your necessity.

You head screams the world is arbitrary;
the Creator was bored
with his mountains and animals
He needed more entertainment
and has forgotten about us pitiful
two legged creatures by now.

You chest whispers
Destiny is painted in strokes
of blue on the Earth
and Fate sleeps outside your window
at night.

Be patient. Do not lose hope.
This war has began since the
beginning of birth.

You contemplate living-
at the same time
your neighbour is debating
what to pack for lunch the next day.

by blackfallenrose07
posted on 09/02/2017

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Comment by Kumoriko: Oct 28, 2017 4:31 am
This gave me chills. Wonderfully written.
Comment by underneathitall: Sep 9, 2017 7:08 pm
Great write
Comment by Psychobabbled: Sep 7, 2017 10:30 pm
I love the words in this, very well written.

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