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On A Valentine's Day

The broken plates and the empty bottles.
The choked sobs, and violent screams.
A child's memories lost in shattered dreams,
A marriage gone from give and take to push and pull.

Shaking and quivering from the shouts,
I lay on my bed and rip my hair out. My head full of self doubts.
Why does this always have to happen to us?
Why can't we just live normally?

I don't know why we always go through this, day after day.
Since then, this life hasn't been quite the same.
The pain, the fights, the tears, and the sorrow,
Laying in bed, and just hoping for a better tomorrow.

Maybe someday you will see this all through MY eyes,
Maybe then my Valentine's day card won't be ground into the mud,
Mixed with dirty cigarette butts, alcohol, and a grown woman's tears.
Maybe then I will actually receive the love that some say I deserve,
In the form of a small card saying: "be mine."

by Veninedge
posted on 02/14/2008

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Comment by thefadingscene: Feb 15, 2008 2:13 pm
dhjksgkj im actually crying
because i know what you're talking about. and it sucks. and im sorry. i wish we lived closer together because i'd tell you to come over whenever you need to.

Comment by SisterofDarkness: Feb 15, 2008 8:37 am
omg andrew...I am totally going to give you, like, the biggest hug ever!!! I am sooo sorry...and I LOVE YOU!!! me and Jessi both!!!
Comment by tearsofrain: Feb 14, 2008 5:50 pm
you are so note even alone.
this is like. wow.
i love you so. hopefully that helps a little bit? I mean. it doesnt make up for parents fighting. trust me, i know as well as anyone else. I also know what its like to be in a time of your life when you feel like literally no one loves you. cause when your whole family is falling apart and all your friends are in fights, things are pretty ****ing bleak.
ur not alone so.

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