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Safe Place

Every day starts the same, her hand in mine
as we walk together on the beaten path to the bus stop
the bright sun hanging like a pendulum above us
rising as the bus grows closer.

Hugs, kisses, and modern clichés are passed between mom and me
Just as the brakes of the bus squeal to a stop, followed by the door’s metallic clanks
her back turns to me as mine does to her, causing the nightmare cycle to start.
My eyes stay on the black indentions carved into the bus’s floor as giggles are kept quiet,
at least until words like “freak” and “weird” begin to get passed around like a virus
and all the laughs are pointed at me.

A foot I should have seen makes me fall to my knees, but I can’t let them see my weakness.
I reach my seat in the back left corner, the bench with the ripped brown leather and white cotton flooding out like a fresh wound.

I wait until the other kids are off and walking towards the building before I get up.
I’m greeted by a burst of wind whipping my hair out of place and a false feeling of peace.
In class, I ignore the bullies; I try to imagine school being over, but my fantasy is cut short by a punch to the arm, followed by more names.
The pain runs through my arm like it has latched itself to my blood, but I can handle it.

The rest of the day goes by, and I remain invisible, if only I really was.
I leave the class to go to the bathroom, but that’s where they are waiting.
I’m surrounded like a lamb by a pack of hungry wolves, but in my case, I envy the lamb.
Fists land where no bruises can be seen, and my lungs struggle to find air before my face hits the cold tile floor of the restroom.
The taste of metal fills my mouth, and the copper scent assaults my nose, but the rosy red liquid can be washed way.
It can be hidden.
The bus incidents repeat themselves before I can hold mom’s hand again.
Home, home is safe.
School is no longer safe.

Hours pass as night covers the world with a black blanket so it may rest,
but Dad’s voice has been echoing through the walls.
I remain silent with all my toys laid out before me
as I hear him screaming the same names I hear at school.

Mom doesn’t want him to see how it affects her.
She can’t show weakness if she hopes to keep safe.
Sudden silence pokes at my curiosity.
I walk to my door and move the knob underneath my hand to release the latch.

The carpet morphs around my bare feet as I trot towards the kitchen.
I grab the corner and move my head around it.
My hearing is assaulted with a loud smack and a scream that causes me to flinch.
When I open my eyes, mom is crying silently on the kitchen floor, blood staining her face.

Whimpers escape my mouth, and that’s when dad turns, infernos in his eyes.
He looks at me, and that’s when I know to run, his boot steps unevenly slamming on the carpet from behind.
My room is safe.
Home is no longer safe.

Out of breath, my lungs matching dad’s eyes, I’m able to close my door and turn the lock.
I squat down to all fours and crawl under my bed, pushing the clutter away with my arms and trying not to breathe in the dust.
I flinch again as dad’s full weight slams against the door.
Words no longer escape his mouth, just animalistic screeches.
The wooden door creaks, and the hinges pull from the wood in its battle with dad.

Warm tears wet my shaky hands, and my mouth fills with a salty flavor.
I can’t let him see how this affects me.
A bang echoes through the room signaling the door’s failure.
My room is no longer safe.
And neither am I.

by KAS
posted on 10/08/2013

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Comment by coldfire146: Oct 14, 2013 6:36 pm
I really liked this poem. It was something that as i read it i could imagine it all in my head.
Comment by PoeticPrincess: Oct 8, 2013 7:44 pm
This is so touching and sad, great expression of bullying and abuse. Your imagery and emotion accomplished this. Great write.

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