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She Whom Walks Under Dead Skies

Mischievous as the wind
That carelessly caresses her dark hair
She owns the night and darkness owes her its beauty
Forever mourning her despair
She takes my heart in earnest

Flaunting her curves as haunting horizons bend and shift in the distance
Her gaze lays ruin to lesser men
Better suited to suffer her divinations

Amongst the decay of past reckoning
She sways to the laments of dying stars
And I left pondering
If they were ever really ours

A Sun Setter of many machinations
She takes her place on high
A pedestal of my love light
Destined to set as the cursed sun
And I to revel within her plight

by deadiam
posted on 04/17/2021

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Comment by prettyspl: Jul 29, 2021 5:34 am
It’s been a while .. and how I’ve missed your writing. This flows so well and like Nick said, and he hit it on the nail .. it’s sensual and mysterious! A perfect combo! I love how you write .. so happy you’re still here! 😊
Comment by HallowReveries: May 5, 2021 8:12 am
I, too, enjoy the imagery, as well as the the diction and flow.
Good ****, deadiam.
Comment by Nick1959: Apr 29, 2021 3:44 am
Very sensual with a bit of foreboding. I love the imagery. Great write. Vote


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