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Step Back You Cool Sinner

she said, she want the thick
until that **** makes her
she said, a man without Mandingo
lingo skills ain't **** all
in her flingo drills,
spills and thrills straight
split lip fits, until
the bronco buck flips breaks
and shakes
her walk o' shame photo slo-mo
**** IT!
this ain't reality, this ain't

this is BAD society, quality leak, leak, leak
with some delicacy, got hardcore
but the **** on the raw, never
a rarity, but
you bring the soft disparity,
MAD temerity,
spread and receive with a
glass-on-the-door clarity,

make you sound like he never
now you looking up
wide-eyed, like
you always said you never would,

she said, gag, gag, gag and
nothing more, her
tongue traced veins, flung
cum stains, but
this ain't a whore
she said, fill me, you pulsating
pressure, the kind
of violence that
makes a slut
want some more

your heart beating yet?

create curves with her arch
till the balled fist is set,
break her neck with a hair pull,
until her teeth are clenched,
tell her, "you're mine, until your toes
she'll bring the
tightness until her ****

by FavoriteTheMute
posted on 06/29/2016

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Tags: romantic
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