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Sunsetter, far-flung from heavens grace
The skies so enthralled with her divide and fall in their folly
A longing gaze quarters the horizon
For faraway stares are divine in their beauty

Of ivory skin and raven hair she falters there in her dispair
Seeking ovations of lesser meanings this bitter wretch begets but silence
An overture to her ruin
A sunset wailing

Her long embrace
Forever waits
Wanton and suspect under dusks lost caress
Her bitter lips demands of this
A kiss as darkness lingers

Under the veil of moonlight wanning
She slips into the fog
A dream of sunrise letting
Her ghost run amok and into daylight breaking

And unto her
Servitude is bartered
Bewitching of a most gracious sycophant
Under distain, this lovers bane
A welcome intrusion of her life left ill bothered

As futures fettered
Lest Death come abrupt and take me by the hand
I'll always finger the stars far above
In hopes that they falter and her aura to come

by deadiam
posted on 01/08/2019

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Tags: loss
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Comment by smokesignals: Jan 13, 2020 12:09 am
i really like this
Comment by prettyspl: Feb 20, 2019 9:21 pm
Awesomely beautifully written. It sounded ethereal and haunting. It’s the type of poem that makes me want to read it more than once. I love the images it incurs in my mind. Vote
Comment by Nick1959: Jan 10, 2019 1:43 pm
This has a mystical quality to it loved reading it... It makes my mind ponder the questions it rsises


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