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The Funeral of Marriage

She dreams of her death
as young girls dream of their wedding

While they think of the color of their dress,
she wonders how red her blood would be
and how much of it would pour out
(or maybe her decaying skin will replace
that rich substance)

As they fantasize about a handsome saviour
she thinks of what her murderer would look like

Is he old? Young?
Does he have any children?
A moustache?
Is her lustful for **** or money?
Or does he simply take pleasure in filling as a
substitute for Death?
Maybe it is the opposite and he feels
he must play God

Either way, she dies
and all the girls around her
have fallen into another's soul
and forgotten their own

She bleeds
while they shed their familiar skin
and staple on their husband's smiles

She sleeps
while the woman, too, rests
under the crook of his uncomfortable arm
(but she is too afraid to move)

by blackfallenrose07
posted on 11/19/2016

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Comment by prettyspl: Jan 29, 2017 10:22 pm
I like this. Yes; it's dark but it says so much about life and how different we feel about such traditional rite.

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