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The Laugh in The Face

Does she dream of other dreams
when she bends with arching
she sees what others see
she pretends lurching
breathes, you breathe
she lends

a bent joker for you, baby
liquored up with peppermint
and wrapped two weeks worth
of sentiment
it all smells like rust
peel off the Big Value plastic
and pass the Big Man a
bottled yell
the bruises will heal
you had a nightmare
you were under his spell
but he chugs them
down so coolly
what's he plotting in there

Calico Jim kneads at vanity
but it yields no treats, the
mirror holds your blown out
candle wish
a decade ago with yellow
teeth, a proudly
thrown open bathrobe,
and a still hard Slim
for a million nerves
to give a wet bath
so sorry, baby
the bigger moon will tell
you, you're far away from

Now a pool beneath
and no air to give
he stands limp but triumphant
with a rock in his grip
you laughed defiantly
and free
get me the **** out of here
you yelled
as he
went to town on your ****
one laugh for the
and a sneer for this
an exasperated bludgeoning
but you didn't flinch
you cheered

a crater where your smile
broken shards of what
was left from
the meth trails
but the gurgling blood spurts
couldn't mask
the relief
of a million little solutions
for a million little
fail tales

by FavoriteTheMute
posted on 06/02/2015

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Tags: alcohol, drugs, feminist
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Comment by prettyspl: Nov 3, 2015 1:04 am
Damn ... thank God this isn't my life but it sure makes me feel for all the women who live this everyday. Sad and powerful Mute. Vote
Comment by inkblot: Aug 31, 2015 4:07 am
For a long time now I've wondered what it is about your writing that jangles my nerves. Because it does. Something about your word choice always bothers me... In, ya know, a good way, an ****. I don't think I'd like to read your work if I was trippin.

Take "gurgling blood spurts", ****'s gutteral and sharp, onomatopoeic now I pay attention.

Or the stressed run above that - fearless/free/****/he/****/sneer/queer/bludgeoning.
Sounds like some kind of obscene shamanic beatnik chant.

Perhaps the subject matter of this poem made my examples easy to find - but nonetheless, you have a way with words that I envy. I've a tendency to write like I'm lecturing... which is a tone about as useful to poetry as the superpowers of Normalman. Who has the power to be indistinguishable from someone with no superpowers.

I digress.
Comment by thequietbull: Jun 2, 2015 6:44 pm

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