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The Quiet Damnation

Never was I so enclined as I was on that night
Smitten with suffering the blade bore your soul
Darker revelations decree a steely debt to be repayed
Never was I so alive as I was on that night
Stewing in servitude a lingered kiss under duress
A stolen glimpse of vulgarity forever fresh with putrid wanting
Viscous with curious intentions I falter in my disconnect
Realilty suffers such distractions as to let the lowley one cower in obediant observance
Primal passions so obscure they gave way to oblivion
From on high the hypocrite cowers under bridled fury and a resentment that breaks the stubburn brow
A likening of calloused souls intertwined by battered hands
Never was there such a dream as when I dreamed sublime ovation
Never was I so alive as when I suffered my damnation

by deadiam
posted on 04/05/2016

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Comment by prettyspl: Apr 5, 2016 10:46 pm
From reading your poetry, I have dertermined (in my mind), that you have a complicated soul filled with so many layers of emotions that you can write forever. The pool of words and emotions are endless. Vote

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