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Time Ticking, Life Fading

Flapping gentle wings of heartache and tears
She slowly strips down that mask she wears
Revealing herself as she stands in front of me
Shuddering weakness and emotion of an eternity

Smile falling downwards towards the earth
Sorrow on her face showing all she is worth
Deep traces of pain bleeding out from her lip
Valleys of horror exposed from a lashing whip

Crying desperately with a passion I embrace
Showing me the scars that she has had to face
Leading me on that journey of sick fate
Letting me know she left pain a little late

Placing a finger to my lips and winking with a battered eye
Wiping her nose, replacing her mask, putting on a lie
The door opens and mother comes in with that beating stick
And I stare through the mirror, listen to her screams, watching time tick

by CutMeOpenWide
posted on 03/18/2011

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Comment by Maks: Mar 18, 2011 7:03 am
Heartbreaking. Can relate a lot. Amazing work.
Comment by clinxi: Mar 18, 2011 2:41 am
OMG this is amazing, one of the best i have read in a long time!
I hope this isnt you!
well done keep writting!

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