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Waiting for something.

In the world so diverse and in a world that sings.
What's to fear of words?
Words the wind's sure to bring.

Was it a hope or a wish you could achieve out of this?
A special singular moment planned just for you?
Some kind of momentary bliss?

Well, allow me to bestow, from experience, no doubt.
My knowledge of nothing, and of something without.

I was waiting for something, yet it never arrived.
So after waiting for nothing, I realized I had died.
Looking back it's all clear,
As of which road to choose.
Yet for me, that's all passed.
So this warning's for you;

Don't wait for something whilst desperately hoping it arrives.
Unhinge and choose life, make choices, and thrive.
Decisions wrong, and mistaken, however folly the choice.
Stay vagrant from indecisiveness.
Yield the dark cold void,
and let not regretfulness swallow your voice.

Albeit it "words to the wise," or
a "fools' words left for those."
My choices have been chosen.
So I lament those choices chose.

Yet for my dear sweet nothing.
I hope we can start a new.
From here I'll give from start and end.
To just be me and you.

I've realized all is over, and that we've just begun.
Sitting at the loser's table, and yet just noticing I've won.
Such a curious battle, and a constant game.
I suppose I was busy when nothing came.

by LucidMuse
posted on 05/31/2017

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Tags: personal, etc, society
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Comment by deadiam: Nov 27, 2017 4:33 am
I loved it...enjoyed the ryme scheme..i often ponder a life wasted
Comment by prettyspl: Jun 8, 2017 9:35 pm
Very interesting ... on some level it reminded me of my own immortality. There were some very clever lines and a lot of honesty in this write. Great write my poet friend ...

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