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Waking Trap

Wake up; it's the same thing
Wipe the tears of yesterday's pain
Living another day, heart aches...
Can you see it? I guess not.
Putting on another face
Hidden thoughts are louder know,
Day dreams turn into nightmares.
Screaming inside hurt me why?
Everything is never good enough,
Wishing makes it worse
As life is nothing more than a curse;
Go to bed unhappy
Wishing tomorrow is better,
To wake up feeling
I'm nothing... want to drown the scars;
Only to make life hard
As this is my routine,
I just keep waking up feeling
Same over again.
Trapped in this cage
No escaping this fate;
Bleeding through these fits
Pounding on these bars,
Screaming inside
I want to end this hell.
Trapped and alone
Tears dries;
To keep waking up
No one to save me,
No one even cares
As I repeat this nightmare;
Forever on repeat
As I am in a ....
Forever waking trap.

by FallenAngel666
posted on 03/02/2021

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Comment by deadiam: Apr 17, 2021 3:34 pm
Nice one felt your words on this write

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